Intellectual Property

Sunflower pictureFair Use - Use of Others' Copyrighted Works

Faculty has become accustomed to the favorable treatment of use of others' copyrighted work for purposes of instruction. However, with the advent of new media and means of conveying information, fair use rules are unsettled. And even in the course of face-to-face instruction, there are important limitations on use of others' works without permission. Providers of technology, copying and reserve services at ISU have information available on fair use.

ISU Policy on Selling Class Notes

ISU policy forbids the selling of notes of presentations of others without permission. This includes taking of class notes and selling to commercial notes services. Students who wish to do so should contact the instructor for permission. Students who fail to do so are subject to disciplinary action.

University Policies and Guidelines

Copyright Ownership and Management of Software (Policy)
Use of University Name and Marks (Trademark Licensing Office)
Iowa State University Concerning University Sponsored Educational Materials (Policy)