ISU Policy Administration

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University Policies
The Policy Library contains university policies only. University policies present non-discretionary expectations that describe accepted standards of conduct, criteria for granting privileges or benefits, or the means of conducting university-related activities. Generally, university policies will not change more frequently than annually.

Policies in the Policy Library are the current official statements of university policy of general applicability from across Iowa State University. Policies included in the Policy Library apply to a broad range of the university community, not just one department or unit. These university-level policies have been approved at the vice presidential level and, in some cases, by the university president and/or the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

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Ann Lelis serves as Policy Administrator for Iowa State University. Comments about current policies or questions about the process for adopting a policy should be directed to:

Ann Lelis
Iowa State Univeristy
3550 Beardshear Hall
515 Morrill Road
Ames, IA 50011-2045
Phone: 515-294-1385

Linking to the Policy Library
Rather than restating policies in multiple locations, websites and other documents should provide links or references to the policies in the Policy Library to avoid redundant, inconsistent, or outdated policy statements. Statements of university policy published elsewhere are not official as they may not reflect recent changes.

Policy-Related Guidance
The Policy Library does not include guidance such as process, procedures, practice, and supplemental information.However, links are provided from policies to such guidance. Guidance may tend to be revised more frequently than policies, and is sometimes considered to be more discretionary than policies. Please contact the unit responsible for maintaining the policy if you have questions about policy-related guidance.

College and Unit Policies
Colleges, departments, and other university units may have additional policies specific to them and for which they are responsible for maintenance and communication. Unit policies must not conflict with university policies; however, they may be more restrictive. If you have a question regarding a unit's policy, contact the unit directly. Consult the ISU College and Departments website to locate information on units and unit contacts. Unit policies are adopted in accordance with unit procedures by a dean, director, or chair, as applicable.